Who are we?

We are Katie and Mike Delaney, we've been married since 2008 and have 3 wonderful, wild and adventurous kiddos that are 14, 12 and 10.  We live in Calgary, Alberta and have previously hailed from Edmonton and the Toronto area.  As much as we miss our family and friends from Ontario, we feel as though we have a little slice of heaven here in Calgary with all the pathway/trail systems, the general outdoor nature of the city and we love the accessibility to the Rocky Mountains.  We're pretty sure it doesn't get much better! 

Katie is a stay at home Mom, outdoor enthusiast and a runner.  She first began running before kids and got into triathlons a bit then too.  She threw herself into the running scene post kids and hasn't looked back.  Running is a happy place for her and we're pretty sure she would spend all day on the trails and pathways if she could.  She'll race any distance up to a Marathon on the road and is excited to keep pushing on the trails.  You can follow her on Instagram (@sunriserunneryyc).

finish line medal photo  scenic mountain lake photo  marathon racing woman with kids cheering

Mike is the Director of Sales for Lux Windows and Doors and truly loves what he does.  He spends his free time loving on his kids, cycling and working on ILO.  Mike used to be a runner pre and post kids but got volun-told to go on a 4 day cycling trip as a Habitat for Humanity fundraiser (Ride Through the Rockies), trained for 2 months, had the time of his life and hasn't looked back since.  That was 4 years ago and we've officially lost him to cycling, likely forever. He still does the Ride Through the Rockies fundraising trip as well as other races and riding trips sprinkled over the season.

group cycling picture  cycling photo in mountains  kids cheering for cyclists

Why ILO?

We started ILO with a desire to fill a need in the market.  There was a company that sold nutrition products that we adored but they had to sell the company and we just couldn't find something nearly as good.  We want to provide endurance sport nutrition at a fair price and with a quick turn around.  We want to make it as easy as possible for endurance athletes to get product on their doorstep so they can get out on their adventures.  Lastly, we want to connect with the endurance sport community and spend even more time consumed with sports we love.