A question we are frequently asked about ILO:

“Mike has a full time job and you’re busy with the three kids, why on earth are you starting a business right now!??!?!” 

Answer: Because we couldn’t NOT start it.  

It was all we talked about, all we thought about and we knew there was a market for it!  

As well, we were are at a wonderful stage of parenting where we had discovered our own passions and interests again.  In other words, we survived (barely) the omg-there-are-so-many-little-children-around stage and were now ready to have own own lives again. We were super into (okay, obsessed with) our running and cycling and it was a bit of a pipe dream to be able to incorporate those passions into our professional life.

cycling in mountains

Mike doing what he loves: riding his bike in the mountains, being cheered on by his family.

female running in forest

Katie taking some time to enjoy some trails on a mountain trip with her family.

Lastly, we LOVE having what we want/need show up on our doorstep.  No leaving the house? No shopping?  It just magically appears?? Sounds glorious.  We had this with our favourite on-line endurance sport product store but they had to sell the business (shout out to Andrew!). So now - gasp - we had to plan ahead, leave the house and go find our favourite products at several different stores.  We thought there had to be other people like us who were looking for their products to magically show up on their doorstep with a click of a button, and thus, ILO ENDURANCE was born.  

girl delivering package

Our first order was placed by a friend of ours and we thought we'd make a personal delivery! Child labour at its finest.  

We now sell all of our favourite products in one spot to people across this beautiful country and are so excited to be doing so! Want to know what our go-to’s are right now? Click on the links below.   

Katie’s Faves

Mike’s Faves



  • Wow, thanks for the kind words Seth! Looking forward to that relationship as well. Your shipment was sent out today. Good choices. :-)

    ILO Endurance
  • I am super pleased to be able get my run support products from smaller companies. Competition is important to me, I don’t only want to support big companies so you guys fit perfect for me. I’m looking forward to a continued relationship!

  • Thanks for the comments Joel and Sean. Sean, we’ll be in touch soon!

    ILO Endurance
  • Who do I speak with about brand alignment?

    Thank you,

    Sean Sweeney
  • Great intro blog!! You all rock!

    Joel Anderson

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