Road to the Calgary Marathon 2019

Marathon training season is here again.  Cue panic, nerves and lots of excitement.  Did I mention nerves?   


I am coming off of my most solid race PR to date in a half marathon at the end of September (1:37:38).  So, obviously that translates to a marathon of 3:24.  Right? (Insert major eyeroll)  If only it were that simple.  What actually transpired was 3.5 months of niggles, a bit of a plantar fasciitis flare, a major bout with the flu that took 4 of 5 family members down.  (Mike, who did you pay off to get out of that one unscathed?)  I’ve lost much of the fitness I gained in the summer and fall (well, all of it, but who's keeping track) but hoping that it’ll come back once I’m able to start putting in some consistent work.   

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     Calgary Marathon 2017                                     Calgary Marathon 2018

We're heading into marathon #3 for me. My first one was in 2017 (3:53:45) and then one last year in 2018 (3:40:48).  The race in 2017 was trained for with the mindset of 1) let’s get to the starting line in one piece and 2) throw in some speed/threshold/marathon work when I felt as though I was tolerating the long runs well and 3) to finish with a smile on my face. 


I achieved all 3 goals with a super conservative training schedule and an eager first-timer attitude.    


The race last year was the first time I “got after it” as Carrie Tollefson would say.  I used a training plan in the book “Daniels’ Running Formula” by Jack Daniels.  I used the 2Q program for people running up to 90kms a week.  I had been keeping up consistent weekly mileage around the 90km and felt ready to start attacking my workouts and work on my speed.  And wow, did I ever love the whole process.  The homework ahead of time of writing out the workouts and figuring out my paces, the execution of tough runs and documenting them (okay, writing out as minimal a summary as possible), it all just worked for me. So, it's no surprise that I'm moving forward with the same plan again.  Time will tell if the love affair with this book continues.  






The 18 week training schedule for the 2019 Calgary Marathon started on January 19th and will include 2 workouts per week, one moderate long run (mid-week) and a long run on the weekend. 


I’m going to start myself at around a 42-43 VDOT with hopes of getting up to a 45 or higher.  Is that a foreign language for you?  Take a quick google and all will be explained.  


As for fueling, in my previous marathons I used GU gels and Endurance Tap in training and GU gels on race day.  I use First Endurance Ultragen for recovery after long and hard workouts and GU hydration tabs to help with re-hydration on heavy sweat days.  


First work out of the cycle was yesterday!  I’m pumped!  (Spoiler alert: It went well. Yay!) Who else is training for a Spring race?  Which one?  

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  • Love it. With your awesome work ethic I’m sure you will crush your goal! Boston 2020? :)

    Paul Taylor

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