30 in 30

Starting November 1st, we have our annual 30 in 30 event!  


As a running and cycling couple we wanted to start something to help motivate ourselves and our friends in the “off season."   


Whether you're transitioning from outdoor riding to indoor trainer rides (@zwift @trainerroad) or learning once again how to go from tank tops to wearing #allthelayers, November sucks.  #truth


All winter, we train hard with visions of next summers rides, runs and hikes in our mind. 30 in 30 is a way to help jumpstart winter training and get right into the thick of it with a strong start to the winter program.   


Rules:   30 distinct 30 min workouts in 30 days.  You can do two a days either to get ahead before a business trip or catch up after a lazy day on the couch.   Your call, we don’t monitor your workouts!  If you cheat, you’re only cheating yourself!   


Prizes:  anyone that tags a post on Facebook or Instagram with #ilo30in30 and @iloendurance is entered into a draw for some wicked prizes (and by wicked we mean free product, free swag and discount codes.  More details to come as the month goes on.  


What are you waiting for?  Challenge your friends, tag them in a social post, tag us and use #ilo30in30 and get ready for November 1st!  The only question is who's gonna win...you, or SNOVEMBER?


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