Yes.  That's right. Coffee.  

We're so excited to have a partnership with an amazing Calgary coffee company called Phil & Sebastians.   These guys are passionate about their coffee, and their passion for all things coffee makes them a perfect fit for our lineup.   

We carry a few of the top sellers in stock, and can order any of their coffees fresh roasted right here in Calgary to add to your order.   Coffee seems to be go hand in hand with endurance sports and adventuring and we're pumped to add this to our growing lineup of products to help you find the JOY in the everyday. 


Directly from the P&S website, here's their own unique spin on how they classify their own blends of coffee to bring flavours from around the world together to please even the most discerning coffee geek out there: 

Coffee can express wildly different natural flavours depending on its variety, and how it’s grown, processed and roasted. To help you enjoy this wide world of tastes, we’ve organized our coffees into three categories, R1 to R3. It’s not a ranking system, but rather a tool meant to help you find a coffee you love. Welcome to the rabbit hole.


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